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Our network of 300+ carriers and service providers is a big reason why organizations around the world look to Spearhead for unbiased advice on whom to engage for IT infrastructure services. By becoming our partner, you’ll be promoting yourself to one of the industry’s largest and most well respected marketing channels with access to thousands of IT purchasing decision makers worldwide.



The reason that we work with over 300 vendors is so that your business will have plenty of IT infrastructure services to choose from. The wide availability of vendors allows us to tailor IT and telecom solutions to the unique needs of your business. Our partnership with AT&T has been so successful that we are one of the only AT&T World Platinum Solution Provider Champions in the entire world. We also work alongside Century Link to provide sustainable telecom and IT services that reduce your impact on the environment.

We work with a variety of well-known vendors to provide you with managed cloud services, data center operations, networking services, and mobility solutions. Through our RFP management and vendor selection process, we will find the right provider and contract for you. Our industry expertise helps to build the right IT strategy for your business. Additionally, our management services will oversee your life cycle management, project management, and telecom expense management to save you time and money. Contact Spearhead today so that we can find the right telecom and IT services at no charge to you.



Have you thought about becoming a technology services agent?  Agents represent vendor companies, earning both upfront and residual commissions by serving customers on the vendor’s behalf. Spearhead is a master agent, which means we help telecom agents, VARs, IT solution providers, systems integrators, MSPs, and other agents earn compensation by helping them serve customers better.d other agents earn compensation by helping them serve customers better.





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