Telecom billing errors cost companies tens of thousands each year in overcharges, late disconnects, unused credits, and more. Our clients save an average 23% on their bills.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

If you’ve ever looked at a contract or invoice for telecommunications services, then you understand how hard it is to manage telecom expenses on your own. You’ll especially  understand its difficulty if you ever tried to correct a telecom billing error.

The fact is that most telecom bills have errors and they read like hieroglyphics. In fact,  resolving a mistake can take six months or more (even if that’s your job and you’re an expert at it).

The solution is Spearhead TEM services.

With Spearhead telecommunication management services, you’ll always know your bills are reviewed every month. We always follow up with carriers on your behalf when errors occur. Very often errors are spotted, corrected, and the money recovered before clients even become aware there was an error. (Optionally, we can also alert you to the error so you can follow up yourself.)

We start by scanning all your contracts into our software — where all products, services, rates, taxes, and fees are coded and stored. (You can always find out exactly what you are being charged, or overcharged, for at any time.) As bills arrive, we receive copies directly from your systems via EDI (electronic data interchange). A side-by-side comparison (bill vs. contract) automatically occurs and flags errors. We open trouble tickets and our telecom billing specialists follow up with the carrier.

We will:

  • Scan, code, and store all contracts for up to 10 years, enabling you to go back and review all billable items in clear English at any time.
  • Automatically analyze each bill received from a telecom carrier monthly and flag any errors resulting in an overcharge.
  • At your option, follow up with the carrier directly on your behalf to resolve errors and recover all monies due.




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