Whether the choice is colocation, managed hosting, hybrid cloud, or for any type of data center need, Spearhead makes sure it is one optimally tailored to your business.

Data Center Aligned with You

Many organizations choose to outsource some or all of their data center operations in order to shed significant costs, achieve predictable expense control, ensure business continuity, and reduce complexity. But the downside of partnering with the wrong data center can be just the opposite: broken applications, operational rigidity, needless redundancy, unresponsive technical support, business disruption, lost data, and out-of-control costs.

That’s why companies partner with Spearhead first. We make sure the data center options you choose offer the capabilities you need within a service plan that is right for you. We help you in three critical areas:

Needs Assessment

Every organization is unique, which means that any data center recommendation must start with a thorough understanding of an individual organization’s needs and current IT setup, including:

  • IT skills and headcount
  • Compliance issues
  • Security concerns
  • Legacy investments
  • IT workloads
  • Application types
  • Power Assessment
  • Need for physical access
  • Geographic footprint

Provider Capabilities Assessment

In order to pick the right data center options you need to know what those options are. Spearhead is unmatched in its knowledge of data center providers, their strengths, weaknesses, and range of offerings, including:

  • Delivery model (multi/single tenant, on/off premises)
  • Business model (colocation, hosted, managed hosted, hybrid cloud, etc.)
  • Professional services (e.g., capacity planning, performance testing)
  • Applications as a service (e.g., Microsoft, Linux)
  • Environmental (e.g., heat, A/C, electrical, fire prevention, location)
  • Managed services (e.g., database, security, disaster recovery)
  • Physical security (e.g., CCTV, guards)
  • Financial (e.g., pricing, contract length, termination clauses)
  • Data backup (e.g., media, where backups are stored, backup testing)

Data Center Migration

Making sure there’s a great fit between your business and your data center is our primary objective.  We match your needs to provider capabilities and we help you with the data center migration itself, including with:

  • Data center architecture
  • Equipment build-out
  • Post-migration support
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Implementation runbook
  • Migration timetable
  • Service selections
  • Backup and recovery
  • Purposing legacy assets




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