We orchestrate the outsourcing of your managed services so you cut your OPEX spending, reduce your TCO, and get stronger SLAs from best-of-breed providers with services perfectly matched to you.

Optimized Managed Services Outsourcing

Organizations face a myriad of choices when deciding how best to support their ongoing IT operations. What’s the right balance between internal versus external support? Where do you draw the line between in-scope and out-of-scope services? How much actual “management” is appropriate (for which you might pay more) versus routine operational duties (for which you might pay less)? What about a Hybrid managed cloud model?

Before you can get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. You also need to know which answers have been tested by actual performance for organizations like yours. That’s the kind of knowledge and experience you want when looking to engage in a long-term relationship with a managed services provider. It’s the knowledge and experience Spearhead brings to the process of identifying, procuring and negotiating managed services on your behalf.

Of course, making the correct managed IT services choices will have a big impact on your organization’s budget and its ability to compete. But an even bigger impact may come from not having to make those choices yourself — so you can focus on other pressing priorities. That may be the biggest reason organizations choose Spearhead before choosing a managed service provider.

We will:

  • Evaluate your organization’s IT operational requirements based on its industry, business activity, seasonal volatility, growth, IT infrastructure, internal IT capabilities and other factors
  • Recommend the right managed services, scope of services, delivery model, and contract terms for your particular business
  • Match providers against those assessments based on their past performance, competitive differentiation, ability to deliver, SLA’s and cost
  • Negotiate with providers on your behalf and work with selected providers for onboard services to achieve maximum operations uplift within the minimal amount of time




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