We identify the best providers suited to your particular needs, request proposals, and negotiate terms — resulting in the best and most defensible contracting decision.

Defensible RFP Management

The last thing you need — months or years into a service contract — is to discover you made a bad contract decision. Let’s say you find out that you pay for services each month you don’t use enough. Perhaps you’re not getting services you do need. Are your expenses impacted negatively because you didn’t take advantage of discounts or promotions available at the time? Worse — what happens if you find the decision was not only bad, but that the decision is indefensible?

We know how to avoid those scenarios. That’s why Spearhead has executed the largest RFPs in the industry. In fact, we execute thousands of contracts each year for hundreds of organizations — with their network providers, cloud providers, mobile providers, data center providers, managed services providers, and contact center providers. We typically save clients 30% or more on these services — savings they accrue instantly since we charge clients nothing.

Our advantage is our experience, technical expertise, and the fact that we are present in the marketplace every day. We know where to find the right provider and where to negotiate the right terms for each client. We also perform RFP management under a stringent set of industry-leading best practices. We maintain an online folder of all documentation, including all proposals, for 10 years. This ensures that you know you made the best procurement decision possible, and you can defend it.

We will:

  • Gather all relevant information about your current technology, your key applications and business drivers and perform a gap analysis
  • Write a customized RFI or RFP based on our market research and determine the best vendors to include
  • Interact with the service providers, schedule meetings, and organize all the data concerning solution offering and pricing
  • Consolidate all information along with our recommendations in one document for your review so you can make the best informed decision (a document that’s available for inspection for 10 years)
  • Negotiate with the provider on your behalf




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