IT Solutions For Your Business

Our IT consultants at Spearhead in Campbell are here to help you choose, acquire, and manage all third-party IT services. We can help you align your business goals with your IT infrastructure and telecom goals in order for your business technology to run as smoothly as possible. By making your IT infrastructure run as efficiently as possible, your company saves both time and money. This allows for you to focus on the greater goals of your business without experiencing delays due to outdated technology. Spearhead provides a variety of solutions specifically designed to reduce the cost and the business risk of working with managed IT, contact center, mobile, cloud, data center, and network services. Here are some of the solutions for your business telecom needs that our IT consulting company provides:


One of the most important decisions that your business will make is choosing to move some or all of your IT infrastructure to the cloud. Our IT consultants will assess your current IT infrastructure to see what cloud options work best for your business and technological needs. Our telecom agents are experienced in working with a variety of major cloud service providers, and we can find a provider that works best for you.

Data Center

Most businesses decide to outsource their data center operations in order to control expenses, save money, reduce business complexity, and other reasons. However, partnering with the wrong data center vendors can be significantly detrimental to your business, which is why it’s important to work with our telecom agents at Spearhead. Our IT consultants perform both a needs assessment and a provider capabilities assessment to provide you with the most reliable and affordable data center operations.

Contact Center

Our telecom agents will provide you with contact center planning so that your company can provide the most reliable and highest-quality customer service to your client base. We develop a plan on how to effectively manage your calls, emails, social networking, web, chat, and other types of contact.


With Spearhead, you will make the right network decision faster because our telecom agents will help find you the right bandwidth, quality of service, flexibility, scalability, and cost of network services for your company.  

Managed Services

Would you like to reduce your OPEX spending, reduce your TCO, and obtain stronger SLAs from the highest-quality providers? Our IT consultants at Spearhead provide a detailed assessment of the needs of your company to see where we can reduce unnecessary spending.


The last thing that you want for the mobile needs of your company is to be locked into bad contracts, experience data insecurity issues, and be unable to adapt to the ever changing technological needs of your industry. Our IT consulting company can ensure that you acquire the optimum carrier, plan, and rate for all your mobile services. Spearhead can also help you leverage your data, services, and applications for the highest quality mobile services at the best cost.

Most of the services that we provide at Spearhead are free, so contact us today to get started. By working with our IT consultants, we can provide you with the best IT and telecom solutions for your business.


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