What You Need To Know About Cloud Computing


As leaders in the IT consulting industry, Spearhead helps your business select, procure, and manage its IT infrastructure services. One of the many areas in which our IT consulting company can help you is with your cloud services. For many businesses, the prospects of managed cloud services are overwhelming. Our IT consulting company understands your reservations, and we are here to help. Today, we would like to break down the ins and out of cloud services.
Title: What You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing?

What exactly does cloud computing even mean? In a nutshell, with cloud computing, you are storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of in your computer’s hard drive. By using cloud computing, you will not have to rely on the local storage and computing in your hard drive. The application of cloud computing is available in three different forms: public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds.

Public Clouds

Public clouds offer companies services and IT infrastructures off-site over the internet. Public cloud providers use the internet to create resources, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and storage. Currently, there are a variety of public clouds, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Google AppEngine, and Windows Azure Services Platform. The setup for public cloud services are inexpensive, with the provider covering costs of hardware, application, and bandwidth. Companies using public cloud services pay per usage, so they only pay for the cloud capacity they actually use. However, public clouds are not the best options for all companies because of their security limitations.

Private Clouds

Private cloud services use a private network to run their IT infrastructure services. Unlike public cloud services, private cloud services require companies to purchase and maintain all of the software and infrastructure. Private clouds are more expensive than public clouds, but they offer the highest level of security and control. Because of the higher cost, private clouds are generally used by larger business enterprises. If your business involves your data and applications, then private cloud services might be a great option for you. Additionally, if your business needs to conform to strict standards for security and data privacy, a private cloud would be a great choice.

Hybrid Clouds

A hybrid cloud combines public and private cloud options by using multiple providers. By using a hybrid cloud, your company can efficiently manage each aspect of your business. Companies can also manage a private cloud for certain areas while relying on a public cloud for other areas. Hybrid clouds are one of the most popular cloud services available due to their ability to be customized to the needs of a specific business. If your company desires to use a SaaS application but is worried about security, then a hybrid cloud would be perfect for you. If your company targets vertical markets, then a hybrid cloud would also work well for you.

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