Our Project Management Services

When running your own business, choosing, procuring, and managing 3rd party IT service relationships can be laborious and time consuming. When you hire Spearhead, we do all the difficult work for you so that you can focus on the important goals of your business. Our team of IT consultants have years of experience in order to ensure that your IT infrastructure is compatible with your business goals. Additionally, our IT consulting company will also examine every aspect of your business goals to help prevent your company from overspending on IT services it does not need. Our goal at Spearhead is to ensure that your company’s data center works as efficiently as possible by managing all the tedious details of your company’s IT infrastructure services. Today, we would like to discuss our project management system in further detail.

Outcomes Driven

One of the biggest problems that companies report with IT projects is that they fail to meet the expectations of the company. A variety of factors contribute to this failure, but the biggest contributing factor would be faulty project management.

What Contributes To Poor Project Management?

The biggest contributor to poor project management is a lack of proper communication. Many roles are assigned to a variety of vendor partners, and they fail to communicate effectively with one another. Oftentimes, IT projects can be unnecessarily complex due to the overwhelming amount of information that project leaders must deal with.

Spearhead Lowers Project Risk

When you work with our IT consulting company, we provide you with the highest-quality team of senior-level project management. Our IT project managers will ensure that your expectations are met through your IT infrastructure services. When you only work specifically with a vendor, they will simply work to achieve their part of the project done. However, our team of project managers will go above and beyond to assure that the correct practices are followed every step of the way.

Our Project Management Team

With our Spearhead project management team, you will never have to worry about team members blaming one another for their inefficiency. We are true professionals, and we will work to meet the milestones of your company so that your expectations are met and even exceeded. Our project managers will also ensure that all of your vendors are working collectively as a team and communicating properly.

Our IT Project Management Services

Before we embark on further services, we will establish a definition of what project success means to your company. During the vendor onboarding process, we will ensure that the vendor commitments are compatible with your vision for success. Each week, we will prepare and supervise weekly work plans to ensure that vendor services and equipment are delivered in a timely manner. If your team needs hands-on resources, our project managers will provide them for you. Additionally, our IT project managers will document all work completed and follow up with your company to ensure that our project has been completed to your satisfaction.

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